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Policy Toolkits

Below is a list of policy tools and toolkits -- including policy evaluation methods-- created by InSPIRE or others that are freely availble for use. Many of the tools are supported by workshops, tutorials, or case studies.

COMPLEX-IT is a case-based, mixed-methods platform for policy evaluation and applied social inquiry into complex data/ systems.


It was designed to increase non-expert access to several computational techniques, including cluster analysis, artificial intelligence, data visualization, data forecasting, and scenario simulation.

The Participatory System Mapper (PRSM) is an online app that makes it easy for those engaged in policy evaluation or applied resaerch to draw networks (or 'maps') of systems working together collaboratively (in real-time and on different computers), based on a complex systems perspective.

This Toolkit is aimed at those seeking guidance and signposting on how to handle complexity.

The Toolkit draws from, summarises and builds upon concepts and guidance in key
contributions that CECAN has made, such as the Magenta Book Supplementary
Guidance (2020), and the Complexity Evaluation Framework (CEF) (2019).

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